Welcome to Epic Prog Radio. We play the best melodic, symphonic & progressive rock for your entertainment 24/7.


We go through all the years with both well-known but certainly also the starting progressive rock bands / artist. With the Auto DJ until 8pm and various shows put together by presenters from various countries until midnight.
So stay tuned to Epic Prog Radio and enjoy the old and new melodic, symphonic &  progressive rock music!
I am happy to announce that Sean McGee will join Epic Prog Radio.
He will broadcast his 1hr instrumental rock showMonster Modal Meltdown dedicated to guitar based instrumental music, whenever the era.
We have Prog, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Fusion and ALL with amazing musicians.
Join, Sean McGee for an exciting, rollercoaster ride through the world of the guitar.
Friday nights (with a repeat on Sunday nights). Both shows start at 10pm CET (9pm UK time)
The first broadcast is scheduled for September 29!
I am happy to announce that Frans Verweij will join Epic Prog Radio.
He will broadcast his show TVRDO on Monday nights (with a repeat on Wednesday nights)
Both shows start at 10pm CET (9pm UK time)
The first broadcast is scheduled for September 25!
Visit Background Magazine for the latest info about the TVRDO show. 

Epic Prog Radio:  Partners 

I want to thank the following bands / artists for making a Radio ID / Jingle for this radio station. 


Abel Ganz
Armed Cloud
Band of Rain
Barock Project
Built for the Future
Chain Reaktor
Comedy of Errors
Crayon Phase
Dave Kerzner
Different Light
Doug Woods and Colin Powell
Drifting Sun
Electric Mud
Euphoria Station
Fish on Friday
Fractal Mirror
Franck Carducci
Gabriel Keller
Glass Kites
Glen Brielle
Glorious Wolf
Grace and Fire
Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate
Head Spin
IO Earth
John Holden
Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side
Kaprekar’s Constant
Kite Parade
Knight Area
Last Flight To Pluto
Leap Day
Lobate Scarp
Major Parkinson
Massimo Pieretti
Monolith Orchestra
Monarch Trail
My Arrival
My Own Army
Napiers Bones
Nine Skies
Peter Jones
Phoenix Again
Red Sand
Riven Earth
Seven Steps To The Green Door
Starlite & Campbell
Steve Hellier
The Adekaem
The Artrock Project
The Cyberiam
The Emerald Dawn
The Far Cry
The Flying Caravan
The Gift
The J Conspiracy
Times Up
Toxic Smile
Verbal Delirium
Zombie Picnic

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